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Physicist. Artist. Writer. Researcher.

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Being Seen

A series of intimate informal conversations with scientist, artists, and those in between about their journey with intersecting disciplines.

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World's Largest Camera

Astronomers and physicists are working on the world’s largest camera, at (SLAC) Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in California, to discover more about the unknown 95% of our universe. The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope or LSST has the world’s largest digital camera for astronomy.

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Discover a showcase of artworks that explore the different lenses of blackness in science and society. My art work seeks to visualize, question and answer how Black people experience life, cope with isolation, and celebrate the multifacetedness of Black culture.  One series "Painting Physics" explores what I think it means to be seen in physics. That particular work encompasses every intersecting piece of my identity and shares my story of how I learned to love physics again through art. With this in mind I hope my art will resonate with others who may have similar experience and find positive outlets to share their experience.


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If you're a creative, scientist, or artist, I'd love to feature you on my show. Click below to connect with me and be featured.

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